our Motive is Better Education

it’s not about us, it’s about you.

Writing an About Us page feels tricky because simply put, it’s not about us, it’s about you; the parents, and the families that are struggling. In our eight years of working with families impacted by a diagnosis of Autism we have come to learn that not often do families feel that the process was straight forward. Unfortunately, most times it seems the opposite of that. This is really where our story starts.

Our founder began working with children with Autism eight years ago, and knew this was her life’s purpose. It’s about teaching you, listening to you, and creating a plan that you really feel can work for your family and child. Above that, Northern Star Behaviour Services wants to innovate and change many lives and overcome barriers. There are so many of you that can’t access services for a multitude of reasons, but we are here to meet your needs.

Maybe you’re not ready yet. Maybe you are going through the process of getting a diagnosis. Maybe you don’t want professionals crowding into your home each week placing demands on you as if you already don’t have enough on your plate or maybe you live so far away that getting professional help seems like an impossible task.

Whoever you are, yes, we are looking at you, we are for you and we are here to help in the way you need us to. This is your design. We pride ourselves on our focus of family and taking you just as you are. Let us face the challenges together, celebrate successes together, and grow together.

We can’t wait to meet you.