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Direct ABA Therapy
- Intervention

ABA is a structured intervention technique based on the principles of learning and human behavior. Data for target skills are collected, assessed, and evaluated, providing the foundation for growth in many skill areas.

Like so many other practices including medicine, ABA has grown and evolved over time. Northern Star hires the best and confidently stands behind the practice of ABA as the number one recommended behaviour intervention technique for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Direct ABA Therapy/Intervention
Parent Training

Parent Training

Family members are trained to teach and support their child’s goals for a lasting impact of intervention. BCBAs provide thoughtful analysis and work as a team with your family to lead your child to success.

Once a plan is in place, our skilled interventionists see you frequently to provide routine practice, while modelling strategies for you to continue while we are not present. The BCBA follows up to review progress, and steer the plan as needed.

It’s about teaching you, listening to you, and creating a plan that you really feel can work for your family and child.

Severe Problem Behaviour

At Northern Star Behaviour Services we have seen and helped with many problem behaviours, including:

Northern Star

verbal/non-verbal communication issues and language support

Northern Star

behavioural sleep issues

Northern Star

sexualized activities

Northern Star

challenging behaviours

Northern Star

picky eating

Northern Star

self-help matters and mastering everyday routines (toilet training, tooth brushing, dressing etc.)

Northern Star

social skills; and

Northern Star

safety concerns.

Family concerns regarding challenging behavior are addressed through assessment, planning, and intervention techniques that are specific to your child’s behavior.

Understand the ‘why’ behind your child’s behavior with the guidance of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Severe Problem Behaviour
Skill Acquisition Services

Skill Acquisition

Your child’s skills in a range of domains including communication, academics, self-help (tooth brushing, toilet training, hygiene routine), social skills, and safety will improve. Our skilled Interventionists come up a plan, model it, practice it frequently with you, and review it. We will provide graphs and data that demonstrate the progress your child is making.


An Autism diagnosis can feel overwhelming. We are here to help. Here are some commonly asked questions and answers.

Why can't I find your location on the map?
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We bring our work to you! All appointments are done as in-home consultation where you have the convenience of your service team coming to your home. This is often where your child is most comfortable and acts most like themselves, helping us observe their real skills and areas for development. We will attend community based programming (e.g., grocery stores, shopping malls) when required.

What regions do you service?
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Edmonton and surround area, rural NW (Grande Prairie and region), and Calgary!

I have heard controversial feedback about ABA. Can I speak to someone if I’m feeling hesitant?
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We love discussing what we do and welcome all inquiries regarding ABA. Like so many other practices including medicine, ABA has grown and evolved over time. Northern Star hire’s the best and stands confidently behind the practice of ABA as the number one recommended intervention technique for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Northern Star abides by the highest possible ethical standards as a requirement with the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board), and goes above and beyond with de-escalation and safety training for each staff member that encompasses all needs, no matter how severe.

What can I expect when working with a BCBA and Interventionist?
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The BCBA’s at Northern Star join your family with a fresh perspective and creative problem-solving skills that face your family challenges head on. Prepare for an initial interview, assessment, and data collection that informs the whole individualized treatment plan for your child. Once a plan is in place, our skilled clinicians see you frequently to provide routine practice, while modelling strategies for you to continue while we are not present. The BCBA and clinical team follow up to review progress, and steer the plan as needed.

Does Northern Star provide Autism diagnostics?
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Northern Star works with an external consultant, Dr. Farzad Zare-Bawani for private diagnostic assessments regarding Autism and many other developmental disabilities. Contact us for more information – we are happy to connect you with the best!

My child doesn’t have an Autism diagnosis yet. Can we still seek supports?
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Absolutely. Northern Star is passionate about spreading awareness that a diagnosis is not required to begin intervention services. We have started with many families in a private pay model as they complete their journey with diagnosis and transition seamlessly to FSCD funded services via our direct billing.

I don’t have an FSCD contract, but I still want services. How can I get it?
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Northern Star accepts a fee-for-service model with cost effective budgets for families in need of care. Additional funding options are also available including Jordan’s Principle for First Nations and Indigenous community members. Typical health plans such as Blue Cross and SunLife do not cover ABA Intervention at this time in the province of Alberta.

I have FSCD services. Does Northern Star support this via direct billing?
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Yes! Northern Star is proud to be a vendor with FSCD and can direct bill for ALL contract types including Specialized Services, BDS, and Family Managed.

Does your agency provide speech pathology and occupational therapy services?
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Yes! We are pleased to provide a multidisciplinary team to every family who requires the support. This means that Specialized Services and all BDS services are available.

What is your COVID-19 protocol?
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At this time, Northern Star Behaviour Services continues to perform services in-person and virtually at the comfort of each family. It is important to us that you receive the care you want while feeling as safe as possible. As provincial mandates change, Northern Star follows these guidelines and therefore your service delivery is subject to change.

My child has a diagnosis other than Autism. Can we still apply?
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YES! Behavioural intervention is a large area of practice with many different methodologies available to suit client needs. Our professionals pride themselves on providing evidence-based intervention plans rooted in research, specific to the needs of the child.

Where do I send my payment to?
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Northern Star Behaviour Services accepts e-transfer to
Debit and credit payment options will be made available in the future.

When are payments due if I have selected a private services package?
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Invoices are sent within the first week of the following month and include all service charges for the month previous. Payment is expected to be received by the end of the same month the invoice was sent. For example, an invoice will be sent out in the first week of December for all of November's charges and payment is expected by December end of month. If payment is not received, services will be suspended.

My child doesn’t have a diagnosis yet, can we start?
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YES! At Northern Star Behaviour Services, we pride ourselves on starting intervention services as early as possible to support the best outcomes. If you are yet to receive a diagnosis and have concerns, we can support you in your journey and meet you where you are at.

When can I start services?
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After contacting Northern Star Behaviour Services, a representative will reach out to you with instructions to complete an intake package and find the best option for your current needs.

If accessing private funding options, services can start immediately pending consultant availability.

If accessing FSCD services, a physical contract is required with a listed start date and your specified caseworker must confirm that NSBx is the noted provider.

If accessing Jordan's Principle, your FNHC assigned worker must receive confirmation and an active DEC# is required.

What funding options are available?
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We are happy to provide a range of funding options for families including direct billing with FSCD services and private pay options. For Private Pay options, Northern Star offers service packages that have been tailored to meet different needs. Contact us and we will help you find the right fit for your needs.

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