Direct ABA Therapy / Intervention

Direct ABA Therapy/Intervention
Evidence-based therapy established in research

Individualized Treatment Plans for Autism Spectrum Disorder

ABA is a structured intervention technique based on the principles of learning and human behavior. Data for target skills are collected, assessed, and evaluated, providing the foundation for growth in many skill areas.

Treatment Plans for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Fresh Perspective and Creative Problem-Solving Skills Specific to your Family

Behavioural intervention is a large area of practice and there are many different methodologies that can be used – all specific to each client’s needs. The professionals at Northern Star Behaviour Services pride themselves on providing evidence-based intervention plans rooted in research, particular to the needs of the child. The BCBAs at Northern Star join your family with an objective viewpoint and get to know each family to help them face their particular challenges head-on. Each treatment plan will begin with:

Northern Star

an initial interview

Northern Star

an assessment, and

Northern Star

data collection that informs the whole individualized treatment plan for your child.

Board Certified Behaviour Analysts
There are only 55 individuals BCBA-certified in Alberta.

ABA helps children reduce difficult behaviour and gain skills

At Northern Star Behaviour Services, our Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBAs) take the time to help children learn and practice new skills. As they master each new skill, more skills are added for them to learn. With time and practice, these skills turn into behaviour like playing well with others, holding conversations, and learning from others.

Behaviour Intervention
Methods that Work

Like so many other practices including medicine, ABA has grown and evolved over time. Northern Star hires the best and confidently stands behind the practice of ABA as the number one recommended behaviour intervention technique for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Autism Intervention

Your Family has received an Autism Diagnosis.
Now What?

We are a caring group of experienced professionals who can guide you on your family’s journey with Autism.

Autism Services


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When can I start services?
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After contacting Northern Star Behaviour Services, a representative will reach out to you with instructions to complete an intake package and find the best option for your current needs.

If accessing private funding options, services can start immediately pending consultant availability.

If accessing FSCD services, a physical contract is required with a listed start date and your specified caseworker must confirm that NSBx is the noted provider.

If accessing Jordan's Principle, your FNHC assigned worker must receive confirmation and an active DEC# is required.

My child doesn’t have a diagnosis yet, can we start?
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YES! At Northern Star Behaviour Services, we pride ourselves on starting intervention services as early as possible to support the best outcomes. If you are yet to receive a diagnosis and have concerns, we can support you in your journey and meet you where you are at.

Does Northern Star provide Autism diagnostics?
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Northern Star works with an external consultant, Dr. Farzad Zare-Bawani for private diagnostic assessments regarding Autism and many other developmental disabilities. Contact us for more information – we are happy to connect you with the best!

I have heard controversial feedback about ABA. Can I speak to someone if I’m feeling hesitant?
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We love discussing what we do and welcome all inquiries regarding ABA. Like so many other practices including medicine, ABA has grown and evolved over time. Northern Star hire’s the best and stands confidently behind the practice of ABA as the number one recommended intervention technique for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Northern Star abides by the highest possible ethical standards as a requirement with the BACB (Behavior Analyst Certification Board), and goes above and beyond with de-escalation and safety training for each staff member that encompasses all needs, no matter how severe.

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