Parent Training

Parent Training Services
Working together with and for your child

Lead your Child to Success

Family members are trained to teach and support their child’s goals for a lasting impact of intervention. BCBAs provide thoughtful analysis and work as a team with your family to lead your child to success.

Parent Training Services

Our BCBAs work with you on all challenging behaviours

The BCBAs at Northern Star will sit down with you and get to know you and your family’s specific needs. Together, they will work with you to target all areas of development including language, behaviour, and social skills. The plans will include ways to:

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Improve communication and language

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Facilitate self-help skills (toilet training, tooth brushing, dressing etc.)

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Develop social skills

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Alleviate safety concerns

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Lessen picky eating

Parent Training Child
We teach you, you teach your child

We know parents are the main drivers of change for their children

It’s about teaching you, listening to you, and creating a plan that you really feel can work for your family and child.

Success for your child.
Success for your Family

At Northern Star, we know parenting isn’t easy. And parenting a child on the Autism Spectrum Disorder has a whole different set of challenges. Roles and definitions of success will be unique to each family, and we’re confident our parent training techniques will be successful in your family.

Autism Intervention

Your Family has received an Autism Diagnosis.
Now What?

We are a caring group of experienced professionals who can guide you on your family’s journey with Autism.

Autism Services


You have questions, we have answers!

My child doesn’t have a diagnosis yet, can we start?
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YES! At Northern Star Behaviour Services, we pride ourselves on starting intervention services as early as possible to support the best outcomes. If you are yet to receive a diagnosis and have concerns, we can support you in your journey and meet you where you are at.

When can I start services?
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After contacting Northern Star Behaviour Services, a representative will reach out to you with instructions to complete an intake package and find the best option for your current needs.

If accessing private funding options, services can start immediately pending consultant availability.

If accessing FSCD services, a physical contract is required with a listed start date and your specified caseworker must confirm that NSBx is the noted provider.

If accessing Jordan's Principle, your FNHC assigned worker must receive confirmation and an active DEC# is required.

Begin Finding your Family's Way

Schedule a 30 minute consultation with one of our professionals to help you get started.

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