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An Autism agency with real solutions and lasting outcomes

We know families impacted by a diagnosis of Autism often feel that the process of getting help can be overwhelming and even confusing. We are here to help you and your family understand, grow, and feel empowered to take on your child’s care needs.

Our exceptionally trained Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA) use Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to give you and your family a 1-to-1, evidenced-based, meaningful approach to your child’s development with lasting outcomes. Whether it is challenging behaviour, communication, self-help, or social skills, our staff are here to support you.

Autism Intervention

Both FSCD and private funding options available

At Northern Star Behaviour Services, we know that accessing intervention services for your child can be difficult and we believe finances should never be a barrier. That’s why we offer direct government funding through FSCD and private pay options to suit your needs.

Northern Star
Leaders in Autism Intervention

BCBA-led teams

BCBA-led teams

BCBAs provide thoughtful analysis and work as a team with your family to lead your child to success.

Visual results

Visual results

View graphs and data that demonstrate the progress your child is making.

Commitment you can see

Commitment you can see

With only 55 BCBAs in Alberta, your family will benefit from one-on-one time with a highly specialized professional.

Autism Intervention
No one else was wanting to/ able to help. You got us through the start of this scary journey, and we already feel so much more confident! Once we get funding, however long that takes, I will absolutely be reaching out again as you ladies really came through when we felt at our lowest.



I have loved our experience with Northern Star Behaviour Services thus far! As my family is located in Grande Prairie, I knew that many of our appointments would be supplemented with video calls, and I was slightly nervous about the quality of these online sessions. But I am glad to say that our provider is extremely observant and truly makes the most out of both in person and online appointments! They have provided us with many useful tools to make not just my son's life easier, but my own as well. The team at Northern Star is amazing and so easy to work with; I am so thankful for them.

Emma S

Grand Prairie

We had been struggling for the past few years trying to help our autistic son develop language skills. We tried multiple different programs – on the recommendation of specialists – but none of them took. But that all changed in October 2021 when we were introduced to Northern Star Behaviour Services and they graced us with our consultant. Now, only five short months later, he has taken to the PECs system incredibly quickly. He is engaged far more and is actually participating in school activities with his peers and making friends! Such a night and day difference – it truly was nothing short of miraculous.

Ricole L


Northern Star Behaviour Services has always gone above and beyond for our family. They really listened to our needs and made plans to help with everything. Northern Star made our lives easier and helped me help my children! We are so grateful for everything they have taught us!

Christine P.


Our family hired Northern Star to help with sleep issues with our Autistic son. One meeting and I knew they would be able to help. Northern Star had a plan for us within hours and monitored things with us for weeks. I would highly recommend them for anyone wanting to change their child’s behaviour.

Nicole C.

Grand Prairie

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