Hey! Great to meet you.

My name is Courtney Schulze and I am a behaviour consultant who works with children and adolescents with Autism. Above that, I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA), which means I observe, analyze, and create treatment plans for families and children that focus on the why as in why is this behaviour happening.

I’ve spent eight years working with families/caregivers, and children directly and I can honestly say I have loved every minute of my work. I found my calling while in university and began working as an interventionist/aide. This was the perfect start for me because I was able to spend long hours within family homes. It was my chance to see that life with an Autism diagnosis can be a complex one. So many appointments, so many adults telling you what to do with your child, and so much effort as parents to make sure your baby has the best professionals working for you.

My focus led me down the path of pursuing further education in the area of behaviour and Autism. I received a Masters of Education with a focus in behaviour, and feel that the additional certification of being a BCBA has equipped me with the tools to help each and every family understand, grow, and overall feel empowered to take on their child’s care needs.

I started Northern Star Behaviour Services with the intention of doing better for families. My focus is and always will be you and your child – it is my promise.

My hope is that by joining us and joining me, you feel that someone understands you, and lays out a simple and clear path forward. We know where North is – let’s find it together.